Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan
Number of pages: 208
Release date: 27th of August 2013
Publisher: Knoof Books for Young Readers
Genre: Contemporary Young Adult fiction
Topics: LGBT,equality, teenage relationships, depression, AIDS-epidemic
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Synopsis: Harry and Craig used to be boyfriends but now they are just friends who are trying to break the world record of kissing. While attempting this 32-hour kissing marathon, Harry and Craig become the focal point in the lives of other teen age boys, who are trying to deal with relationships, sexuality, gender identity and coming out. And all this is narrated by the generation of gay men who were lost to the AIDS-epidemic.

Thoughts: I absolutely adored this book! This is the first solo work I've read from David Levithan and I absolutely love the way Levithan writes. He's funny and thoughtful. He writes characters that feel very real and there is always a lot of diversity in the characters in his books. 

Two Boys Kissing is a quite short book, but it's still enough to tell the story that Levithan set out to tell. The narration is done in a unique way and I've never read anything like it. The book has multiple characters and smaller storylines that tie up together nicely. 

The biggest theme of the book is equality, especially in sexual and gender minorities. It talks about how things were before, especially during the AIDS-epidemic in the 80's and the 90's, but also the struggles people face today. Despite the very difficult things the book deals with it still manages to be hopeful and positive, but in a way that doesn't feel fake. It shows how much better things are now, but also reminds us how much we still need to do for all of us to truly be equal.

I think Two Boys Kissing is an important book full of positivity and love. And that it's wonderful that book like these are written and published, especially for young people. I mean, look at that cover, how amazing is that we can have books like these at bookstores marketed for the younger generation! We truly have come a long way, and writers like David Levithan are doing their part for making this world just a little bit better and accepting.

I recommend this book to absolutely everyone and anyone. Even if you're not into YA or contemporary fiction, read this, it's lovely and it will make you happy! And most importantly, people who have issues with sexual and gender equality, give this book a chance to change your mind!

Favorite Quotes: 
"There are all these moments you don't think you will survive. And then you survive." 
"You will miss the taste of Froot Loops.You will miss the sound of traffic. You will miss your back against his. You will miss him stealing the sheets. Do not ignore these things."


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